I went camping last night with my friend Adam. Kinda like Men vs. Wild. A challenge if you will. Before we traveled into the woods, my grandpa gave us a jug of diesel “in case the wood was wet and we couldn’t ignite it.” That wasn’t the case. He thought we were green. Those boys can’t survive without modern conveniences.

We foraged for pine cones and pine needles, scoured the area for dead trees, chopped the wood with a rusty ole axe, and ignited the needles. Fifteen minutes later, we were shielding our eyes against the blaze of the pyre. We didn’t stop there. We needed to dry out wet wood to maintain the fire. The heat of the fire would dry the damp logs.

As I watched the embers float into the air and submit to the darkness, the lonely jug of diesel lost in the void, I related this experience to life.

I’ll admit I was tempted to jump right into this fire-making, grab some wood, soak it with diesel, light it, and watch the flames quench everything around me. It was rough, building the foundation. Sometimes, wondering in the darkness in search of pine cones, I questioned my decision. We always have that option to take away the pain, the loneliness, the feeling, and quench that wood with drugs, alcohol, and random hookups. I discovered something recently about that diesel. It will catch and burn hot, but if the wood isn’t dry, the diesel will burn away. All you have is a cold damp log, with signs of burn damage.

So…the moral…Start the fire by building a foundation that will last. The wind may blow, the rain may fall, but still, this fire will persevere.

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